Dynamic Global Illumination System


Aura – Global Illumination system- A fully dynamic Global Illumination system capable of simulating one to several light bounces.

More Information:
Aura Features
  • Runs on the GPU and/or CPU and is completely dynamic
  • Affects the environment and dynamic objects like characters
  • 100% real time…so you can destroy your geometry or use content generated by users
  • Simulates one bounce of light (can simulate multiple bounces
  • Simulates occlusion as well (optional)
  • Color bleeding
  • Supports occlusion of the bounced light
  • Supports any number of point or area lights
  • 100 point lights occupy overall 1.5 Mb
  • Memory footprint for consoles: 1664 kb of persistent data between frames, 448 kb of discardable scratch memory (subject to change)
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PS4, XBOX One, PC Windows 7, Windows 8 support / Compute API support / Future hardware.